Outdoor School

The Outdoor School is part of the Mount Saint Francis Center for Spirituality. Located just fifteen minutes from downtown Louisville in beautiful Floyds Knobs. Our purpose is to provide youth and adults the opportunity to learn about the environment as well as a wide variety of valuable team building skills such as cooperation, leadership, self-confidence, communication and listening skills. All of our programs are hands on and based upon discovery learning principles that meet state academic standards.

Team Building Programs

Come and learn how to work together in a small group in order to overcome various challenges using our low ropes obstacle course. Feeling the need for a little more excitement? Come and learn about setting goals and increasing your self-confidence by taking part in our High ropes program located thirty-five feet in the air! 

Environmental Education Programs

Come and learn about all the exciting things in our woods such as habitats, niches, adaptations, photosynthesis, etc. in our Forest Ecology class. What's the difference between a reptile and an amphibian? That's a very good question and through the use of a few of our amphibian and reptile friends students will learn through hands on activities such as holding a snake, (if they choose) about adaptations, food webs, predator/prey, life stages, etc.

Prices for a whole day (5-6 hr) program start at $18.25 per person, depending on program designed.

Contact Dan Endris, Coordinator, for arrangements (502) 552-2829 or e-mail d2endris@aol.com.

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